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Good grief...

Yesterday on facebook, someone shared a snapshot of a tabloid sized paper featuring trump on the cover. The poster complained it had been left at his house, & at other houses. I couldn’t read the whole thing in the picture, tho I was able to make out gems such as, “tiny children,” “vile homosexual agenda," ”wholesome understanding of race & gender,” & “a white nationalist who says nothing more than ‘love your people' is treated like the scum of the earth.” (Cue sound of tiny violins.)

Wow, I thought, this is for real? I wanted to see what the rest of the article said, so I searched around online. And there it is. On the KKK website. One of them, that is. There are far more offensive ones, I assure you. Oh, man, this must be the last stop for the bus from Crazytown.

In a way, I’m surprised they even have a website. I just don’t see them as trusting their precious words to the internet, where the govt is surely watching. It’s pretty amateurish. Bad layout & such. Hard to read. But read I did. The banner says, “America’s White Future Begins Here.” Also, “loving our family!,” & "The White Alternative,” that last one not being at all clear. Alternative to what? Some other newspaper? With colored ink? The home page advertises a “European American Heritage Festival,” “White Pride Radio,” then a long scroll of articles in which old white ladies are killed by black men & other similar offences against the long-suffering white folk. They have the standard tab menu, with activism, tradition, etc. The "A Special Message" tab  has a long list in which the KKK message is formed & reformed, like astrology, for whoever you think you are: youth, parents, fellow patriots, law enforcement, the media, women, & fellow christians.

Ok, I thought. I have a teen, which means I have a real time, ringside seat to the current urban vibe of teen angst. I was very curious as to how they would frame this extremely uncool attitude.

Whoa. “If you are white & young in America, you more than anyone else are likely to know about discrimination. You are faced w it every day.” Whaaaa…?? I used to be both white & young, & other than the standard abuse any redhead takes in school, I cannot recall a single time I ever felt discrimiated against for being white. Then there is some complaining about the need of young people to work for college money, (“...there is no White College fund.”)  Assertion that the media thinks “white heterosexual people are weird.” (What media??) Much griping about the changing attitudes that came out of the 60s & 70s. And now we have AIDS, so there. Umm…here’s something convoluted about how your parents don’t understand white power because they were hippies & you were that way too becasue of Sesame Street. But then you started seeing all the hate for white people everywhere, & …I’m not sure. Something about racial instincts, & a fair amount of parent bashing, clearly in the hopes of leveraging the common attitude of teens that their parents are old fuds. Oh, look - the definition of hero. It’s a parent who taught you “…to be compassionate toward your white brothers & sisters & to be proud of your roots & history.” If your parents are not the right kind, then “…more than likely your parent’s are freaked out thinking you are going to start sportng the latest in camouflage, & buying hand grenades,” (WTF!), & the child is told not to blame their parents for being weak & lacking. Quick sideswipe against abortion. Ah. “…the concepts of genocide & how interracial mixing promotes it & the destruction of the white race.”

Ok, here’s the wrap up. Standard message - the youth of today carry a great weight & power. This is crafted to the cause *cough*inbred*cough* by suggesting they can be the heros of tomorrow, & dream of the beautiful future, when “…you aren’t sneered at by the establishment becasue you prefer to be around White straight people.” Why wait? Just go hang w Trump supporters. Live the dream now!

Ironically, the people most convinced they are superior are the last specimens you’d want to breed. Go spend some time there. You’ll regret it, but information is power. Have a nice G&T. Breathe. And go vote.

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